Better Credit,
More Opportunities

Bad credit is a burden. You get higher interest rates and end up paying more money than someone with good credit. With good credit, you have higher “credibility” when renting a home, buying a car, getting low interest credit cards and more!

Sly credit will help you improve your credit score!

Purchase an authorized user slot to improve your credit score.

Your transaction goes through an online escrow service.

You get added as an authorized user and credit score goes up!

Guaranteed to improve your credit score or your money back!

Improving your credit
Earns you Money!

A dollars saved is a dollar earned. 

People with higher credit scores get lower interest rates and can save a significant amount of money compared to someone with a low credit score when it comes to home and auto loans.

Although Sly Credit is not a credit repair company, we can help eligible candidates improve their credit score with the right strategy to living a a more responsible life. To improve your credit fast, we recommend using our Boost Credit Score service.

Our Team

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